Church of St Michael, North Lane, Othery - Sedgemoor

Church is C13 with C14, C15 and C16 phases but it was much restored in 1846-47. However, high quality of medieval work remains, especially the tower. High level stonework on the tower, including the carved statues, is at risk and requires stabilising and conserving. A Repair Grant for Places of Worship was offered in 2011 towards the repair of the tower. Repairs are due to start on site in 2013.
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Heritage Category: Listed Place of Worship grade I

Name: Church of St Michael, North Lane
Street: North Lane
Parish: Othery
District/London Borough: Sedgemoor
County: Somerset
Parliamentary Constituency: Bridgwater and West Somerset
Region: South West
Designation: Listed Place of Worship grade I
List Entry Number: 1060090
Condition: Very bad
Priority Category: F - Repair scheme in progress and (where applicable) end use or user identified; functionally redundant buildings with new use agreed but not yet implemented
Previous Priority Category: B
New Entry: No
Owner Type: Religious organisation
Contact: Ruth Garner 0117 975 0696


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