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Bath & North East Somerset Sites and Monuments Record

Host Local Authority:
Bath & North East Somerset

Other Local Authority areas covered by HER:

Contact information for key staff:

Contact details for Bath and North East Somerset HER are not currently available. At the moment there is no further assistance or information relating to the record available from BANES.  We will update this page in due course when information becomes available.
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Access to HER information:
Access to Online Database: via Heritage Gateway
Information on HER Services: Bath & North East Somerset Archaeology

Planning Services
Lewis House
Manvers Street
Bath & North East Somerset


Office National Grid Reference: ST 7523 6455

Opening Hours:
By appointment only

Visitor Facilities:
Dedicated workspace; meeting rooms are available for groups but must be booked in advance.

Range of information available:
Records available from the Bath and North East Somerset HER, grey literature library, historic maps and aerial photographs, archive collections from the former Avon County Council

Information correct as at 27 September 2018

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